Zelenski vs Putin or David vs Goliath?

The writings on the wall are more often than not hidden in plain view. Zelenski will flee to where he will receive a hero’s welcome, where the red carpet treatment is assured. Is it not a no-brainer already that Zelenski, Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine, will do a runner instead of leading his nation to victory, leading from the front, throwing himself between the incoming bullet and his compatriot, taking the bullet for him in selfless devotion to nation and state, as he would expect of the very same compatriot to do for him? And in doing so inspiring the fearless fighting spirit among his people so desperately needed when confronted by a mightier enemy?

As a Jewish man, he is by divine appointment superior to all goyim, created with a superior soul with demigod qualities that sets every Jew apart from all else (the goyim), (Ukrainians as well as Russians). David versus Goliath thus was not a real contest, the man Goliath had never a chance though physically superior to the smaller David. As a member of YHWH’s chosen people, he has divine providence on his side and the licence to kill goyim without fear of accountability. Besides, does not YHWH demand of him to subdue ALL goyim by the threat of YHWH’s wrath? It won’t be long before Zelenski is either revealed as a true David, conqueror of Goliath or he will be exposed as the Schmock he always was.

Do we not know political leaders to be the notorious liars and shameless hypocrites they are and that there is no untruth they would not utter if it was to get them elected and empowered or just promoted? Do we not know them to either run or hide in true cowardice when their games are up, whilst leaving their people in the lurch to suffer the brutal consequences of their actions that led to war and misery? Is it not states and politicians who decide war and thus heap misery on people who have nothing to gain and everything to lose from war? Do normal people ever really want war?

No doubt he will receive a hero’s welcome at his future home in the west from whence he will seek self-righteously reinstatement as the ‘rightful’ president of an Ukraine he never cared an iota about beyond the advancement of his own cause? Will it be Tel Aviv? London? Paris? Washington? Or maybe some low-key country like Lithuania? 

At this point, it is all the same to us in Turkey as long as that jerky, stupid jokes cracking stage comedian does not land in Istanbul while his people are condemned to suffer a miserable life, if not death back in Ukraine. I’d hate to see my country and people divided by our own divisive media and propaganda machine over a divisive, Jewish, western-Israeli stooge like Zelenski. As the elected leader of Ukraine he is culpable for failing to protect his people from foreign aggression, war and military occupation. Sink with your ship, Skipper!

All leaders who lead their nations into doom should hang for the sufferings they cause onto those who had put their faith in them. He was elected to make peace. They entrusted their lives to him. He ran his election campaign on the promise of reconciliation and peace. Thus, the mandate he obtain from his people was to make peace! Ukrainian’s on both sides of the rift voted for him to make peace between them! He though delivered the war his handlers in London and Tel Aviv demanded of him. Zelenski’s overlords engineered this war on Russia via Ukraine so as to bring about the conditions necessary for permanent war in Europe and Asia. Alas, what we are witnessing is not a new cold war in the making, this is the third and final instalment of the World Wars trilogy. It began years ago.

States and politicians do not have the power to protect citizens even if they had the inclination to, which they don’t. The state’s power to protect its citizens is a lie that must die some day. The citizens of Ottoman Turkey in Istanbul for instance discovered that when French, English and Italian forces entered the city and occupied Istanbul unchallenged. Total crusader’s tyranny imposed on a Muslim people courtesy of the abject treachery of the ruling elites, including by Vahdettin, the Commander-in-Chief. Where was the state? Where was the army? Where was Mustafa Kemal when the crusaders just came in and took over? Where was Vahdettin, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and Khalifa of all Muslims? What example did he set as the leader of our country? No doubt, a truly shameful one that was in no way representative of the Turkish people. Anyone remember Nene Hatun? That image is representative of the fighting spirit of the true Turks. She shames our ruling elites, past and present, as a role model, woman and mother. What happened then? How on earth came it about that a people like Nene Hatun’s didn’t do a thing in defence of their capital city? What kind of treachery, what kind of machinations on the ruling elite’s part assured the surrender of the city to the crusaders who had no means to conquer Istanbul militarily? And even if they had, what kind of Muslim and Turk would surrender without even putting up a fight?

The unfolding tragedy in Ukraine tragically illustrates the political travesties by which nation states come to wage war on one another. There are no rights in this conflict, just wrongs on both sides. Why? Because both leaders / Commanders-in-Chief are willing to sacrifice the lives of their respective subjects for political objectives with utter disregard for the inevitable loss of life and resulting human misery. Do you really want to die for a leader, state or political agenda? Would those leaders die for you? If they would, why are not both of them right now at the front at each others’s throat? Would you kill a man you never knew because Putin told you to? Would you kill a man you never knew because Zelenski, the stooge told you to?

Yet, that is what is unfolding. Ethnic Slav is killing ethnic Slav. Christian killing Christian. Ukrainian killing Ukrainian. Ukrainians aided by the west killing Ukrainians aided by Russia and vice versa. Do we in Turkey want to be party to this insanity in any way? The West, led by the US was desperate for this war to get the the war of all wars going, have no doubt about that. 

And we in Turkey will be drawn in via NATO if we, the people, do not intervene on our own behalf with the Turkish state and refuse ‘our’ Commander-in-Chief, Erdoğan and our self-serving ruling elites the power to declare war on our behalf. In the least, no war without a referendum, a transparent poll of the people in the format of: Do you want war? Yes / No. Those who say yes, including the president, go to the front to wage the war they want, leading from the front by example the Muslim way as opposed to commanding from the rear, from safety à la Napoleon. If we accept to suffer the inevitable consequences of war at their behest, they have no reason not to risk our lives for reasons of self-interest, self-promotion or corruption. 

I think this is the point when we desperately need to remember that all politicians are created in the image of Machiavelli regardless of their rhetoric, race, colour, religion, pseudo-ideology or any other outer distinguishing feature (policy). You can’t get up and to the top of the greasy pole called politics without being a true Machiavellian in the existing world order. Thus, there is no such thing as a good politician. One who, when the day comes, will not sell out on his people and would rather die himself than see his compatriot die in vain for the ultimately self-serving interests of the ruling classes who are the only ones who gain from war. Inside, what drives them is the same in all: narcissism, self-interest, vanity, arrogance, self-importance, avarice, conceit, the lust to power and the irresistible lore of greatness and immortality.

Ukranian Russia conflictWe must remember that the current Ukrainian – Russian conflict did not begin as a Ukrainian – Russian conflict, it all began as a strictly Ukrainian – Ukrainian affair. The conflict was between Ukrainians who had come to disagree on which way the Ukrainian state should lean, more to the west or more to the east. But before that, all Ukrainians were united in wanting what was best for Ukraine. Obviously, such unity would have turned Ukraine into an industrial powerhouse and agricultural behemoth to rival the likes of Germany, France and Britain at a time when there was already massive overcapacity (glut) in these and other sectors in Europe. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was a very diverse, very highly developed society with the kind of infrastructure, particularly in industrial technology that the west could not have rivalled at the time even if it had tried. Disregard the western propaganda to the contrary. Thus, Ukraine’s fate was sealed at the ‘carving-up-the-soviet-union’ table even before the western-engineered collapse of the Soviet Union. 

So it came that Ukraine was from the day of its ‘independence’ systematically gutted and asset-stripped by modern day Israeli / Jewish treasure hunters who were always there first post independence in all ex-Soviet countries including Russia itself. I know this from the nineties when I visited some of those countries dozens of times on business. If there was any asset worth stripping, wherever I went in eastern Europe, it was already done, and nine out of ten, it had been done by Israeli ‘investors’ as I was told by the locals. Ukraine never had a chance in its days as the overlords at that table had never the best interests of the Ukrainian people at heart. They had a different agenda. This is what real politics is like. It is brutal, truly Machiavellian, truly evil.


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